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The Idaho Mexican Music Project

The Idaho Mexican Music Project is an evolving, long-term effort to document musicians and musical traditions throughout southern Idaho. Inspired by a similar project from 1982, the Idaho Mexican Music Project is focused on the agricultural region of the Snake River Plain, where Mexican communities have established themselves as economic and workforce contributors yet, in terms of cultural and social benefactors, remain hidden from plain sight.

Few to none of the participants in the Idaho Mexican Music Project are professional musicians. However, all of the participants provide a critical service to their community: the need for live music, social interaction, and communitas. In the interviews and informal performances, what the short films demonstrate, though not explicitly intended, is that identity is created as a result of community-mindedness and a collective, shared responsibility to the health and welfare of the greater whole.

Cienega de Zacapu
Mariachi Cantares de México
Rivales del Bravo
Legendarios de Chihuahua
Grupo Impulso
St. Edward’s Choir
Special Reserve
Kasandra Gudiño & Giselle Magaña
Lupita “La Indomable” Madrigal
Tejano Outlaw
Lucio Prado
Melissa Martinez
Angela Luckey & Ramona Awes
Santos Cruz y Sus Amigos
Grupo Adiktos
St. Anthony Choir
Damian Rodriguez
Siempre Tejanos