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Teaching Artist Residency

Burton Elementary School

The Burton Elementary Art and Art History Program includes teaching grades Kindergarten – Fourth grade by visiting artist, Candice Ashment, along with classroom teachers and parent volunteers.

We have initiated analysis and interpretation of art with our art history program and applying criteria to basic principles of art design. The curriculum alternates art lessons and art history lessons by focusing on art history and specific art genres. The art history genres range from Greek, to Baroque, to Impressionism, to Expressionism, to Pop Art, to Modern, and Contemporary art. All students receive art history lesson to analyze, think critically, and learn how and why past and present artists were and are progressive thinkers (Anchor Standard 11). How can we learn from art history? We can discover that artist in their time were thinking outside of their social and cultural norms to improve and progress.

The Essential Question that guided our projects’ focus was:

Students received art lessons to think critically, & the how & why past & present artists were & are progressive (Anchor 11)

We discovered that artists in their time were thinking outside of their social and cultural norms to improve and progress. They also learned and expressed confidence in their understanding and their own “a-ha” moments. They also learned to help each other and work together. There wasn’t a competition in art lessons, just progressing together at each student’s level.

At the conclusion of the project, students responded to questions related to the identified Standards:

Using the Anchor Standard 11, thinking critically and analyzing art work from the past and present, That is how we move forward as a culture, as people, as a society, etc by processing and building ideas upon other’s ideas.


One of my favorite moments were from all of the comments from parents and students at the conclusion of the school year. They were overwhelmed with joy and enthusiasm from participating in our end-of-year Family Art Night & Student Art Show. All of the students demonstrated their artwork, in addition to each family member (no limitations, no age limits, any disability) being able to participate in 10+ hands on art and STEAM projects! This was such an amazing finale for the end of the art program school year.


The most stressful part was making sure we had enough volunteers in each classroom! I would emphasize to have the teachers reach out to make sure we always have 1-2 parent helpers.