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The JACC Guitar Residency

Community Building Partners dba: The Jacklin Arts & Cultural Center

During the guitar residency sponsored by Community Building Partners, dba: The JACC, Post Falls High School guitar students received direct instruction from residency artist, Brad Richter, at Post Falls High School via on-site and Skype instruction. Additionally, in an effort to strengthen the music program at Post Falls High School, music teachers received pedagogical training and help in installing the ‘Lead Guitar’ curriculum written by Brad Richter, which covers at least two years of progressive, in-school guitar study and which was provided as part of the residency.

The Essential Question that guided our projects’ focus was:

How can we improve on previous year’s success?

Returning Post Falls guitar students and incoming students will have the opportunity to study again or for the first time with Brad Richter, long time residency artist for the Jacklin Arts & Cultural Center.  Students will learn as a group and receive individual attention, critique and assitance from Mr. Richter.

Anchor Standard 3:  Refine and complete artistic work. –  Evaluate and refine created contrasting phrases, based on feedback and collaboratively developed criteria

Anchor Standard 4:  Select, analyze, and interpret artistic work for presentation.- Use standard notation and aural skills to identify how the form and structural aspects of a piece affect and inform its performance.

Anchor Standard 5: Develop and refine artistic techniques and work for presentation. – Use teacher and student feedback to develop strategies that address expressive challenges to refine performances.

Anchor Standard 8: Interpret meaning of artistic work.- Explain and support interpretations of the expressive intent and meaning of musical works, citing as evidence the treatment of the elements of music, contexts, and (when appropriate) the setting of the text.




At the conclusion of the project, students responded to questions related to the identified Standards:

Students were inspired and challenged by Mr. Richter.  They were moved and captivated by his talents, they deepened both their enjoyment and ability to play  the guitar.  They were exposed to new ideas, new music and new techniques.

They were shown how simple melodies can be played in a complex way, and  how complex melodies can be played in a simple way.

They learned that “Rock” pieces can be played in a classical style and vis versa, and they felt they were better musicians and a had a deeper appreciation for guitar music after this experience.


Brad’s teaching and the Guitar Residency program at Post Falls High School helped both students and teachers.  Each time these students were exposed to new ideas, new teachings, new pieces of music, or new techniques they grew both as musicians and individuals.  Music is a universal language.


Sometimes things happen differently then planned.  This year, due to various reasons, the Post Falls HS Guitar students were unable to perform at the JACC.  They were undoubtedly well-rehearsed, and completely prepared to do so, but as in life learning to “go with the flow” is a great lesson in and of itself.  Sometimes learning for the sake of learning is enough, and great learning undoubtedly  happened here during this well-loved program.