Quarterly Grants Round 1 Applications due June 3.
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Little Ski Hill Photography Intensive

Payette Lakes Ski Club

LSH started the Payette Lakes Multi-media Club for middle school and high school kids as a way to keep older kids engaged in the afterschool program, particularly those not interested in competitive skiing. Participants took part in a seven week curriculum where they learned to shoot and edit photos/videos

The Essential Question that guided our projects’ focus was:

How do artists and designers create works of art or design that effectively communicate?

We framed the photography intensive as sharing life on the Little Ski Hill with participants and their families, which meant that our students focused on capturing that in myriad ways. The participants had to think about what they wanted to shoot, what they were trying to communicate and then work on editing their work to achieve their goals. This framework provided a good structure for group discussions and instructor feedback sessions.

At the conclusion of the project, students responded to questions related to the identified Standards:


The students involved in this project were an important part of our Little Ski Hill community, documenting life on the hill while also expressing their own creativity through photography and video. The students posted pictures and videos on Facebook on a regular basis, which captured both the beauty of our area as well as showcasing the experience of the 140 youth that take part in our after-school program.


We are so appreciative of this funding. We watched the photography/videography participants gain confidence in their photography skills while also becoming more adept at expressing themselves through this medium. Witnessing them stretch themselves as artists and take their role as Little Ski Hill photographers so seriously was rewarding. The opportunity to post their best work on social media, meant they not only helped us share life on the Ski Hill with our community but they received positive feedback about their work