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High Mountain Strings

McCall Music Society

High Mountain Strings was established in 2016 by the McCall Music Society to meet a need in our rural community for youth violin and cello lessons. The success of this after-school program continues to build momentum and will continue to play a vital role in our community far into the future. Our McCall Youth Orchestra is now made up of 37 youth and is a direct result of elementary aged students learning string instruments and continuing into high school with their talents. This impact is recognized by the school board which has responded by implementing an orchestral instructor into the high school curriculum.

The Essential Question that guided our projects’ focus was:

MU:PR 6.1 (k-6th) Perform music, alone or with others, with expression & technical accuracy, & appropriate interpretation

HMS addresses this standard by having students perform music with expression, technical accuracy and appropriate interpretation at a community recital and as part of class. Videos of performances help guide instructor evaluation and student feedback.

At the conclusion of the project, students responded to questions related to the identified Standards:

Music education for elementary aged youth has proven to be a lasting life skill and incorporates all aspects of development in right/left brain growth, eye hand coordination and general love and understanding of playing a stringed instrument. Math skills have also shown improvement by reading sheet music. Thanks to the ICA the instruments purchased will continue to be available for future youth of Valley County.


We are proud to say that our achievements for the Donnelly area far exceeded our expectation with the number of new students that enrolled in the HMS afterschool music education classes. At the same time Donnelly Elementary completed the construction of a new wing to the school building and now has a dedicated music room for our after school session. Our enrollment grew from just 6 students initially to an enrollment of 20 today. Due to the increase in students the funds were used to purchase additional violins and cases to help support our program in Donnelly. Also the funds were instrumental in helping the Music Society pay for the travel stipend and additional fee paid to our instructors per student.


McCall Music Society requested support for our affordable and accessible youth music education program, High Mountain Strings. (HMS) Our main objective through this funding request was to help keep participation in HMS as affordable as possible for any student interested in learning a string instrument. To assist with this goal we offer full scholarships and purchase violins and cellos that we then rent back to students at a very low cost.

This request was to aid in our organization’s ability to expand HMS programming to the Donnelly Elementary School and Tamarack Mountain School which was started during 2022.

Although we have many proven successes, one area we need to develop more robustly is our method for advertising our program to potential youth and parents. Social media is an avenue that needs to be more fully developed for the future.