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Making Learning Visible

A world of authentic art experiences.

The Arts Education Projects you see here reflect how the arts come to life through schools, artists, and community organizations. These projects support a variety of teaching and learning opportunities for preschool through high school students. Framed by the Core Arts Standards, the projects reach diverse students, encourage community partnerships, and nurture student development through creativity.
Writers at Harriman

Providing high school students with advanced instruction in creative writing at Harriman State Park.

Writers in the Schools (WITS)

The Cabin brings professional teaching-writers into Treasure Valley schools, juvenile detention, and community learning centers.

Salmon Arts Council

Expanding cultural and social awareness and fostering higher-order critical thinking skills through creativity, artistry, and responsive audience interaction.

Writers in the Schools

Professional teaching-writers tailor individual programs for Treasure Valley schools and juvenile detention centers

Latino Cultural Studies

Weekly workshops exploring writing, storytelling, and music for Latino students

Artists in Residency program

18 artist residencies provide accessible, inclusive, and participatory arts experiences for students with disabilities or significant health care issues .

Take Away Workshop Kits

Virtual classroom visits and Take Away kits providing teachers, parents, and students with poems and prompts for the study and performance of poetry.

Creative Access Artist in Residence

Serving students with disabilities and special health care needs through residencies in dance, poetry, short stories, printmaking, painting, textiles and music.

Spread Your Wings: Elévate

Weekend art classes based on Latino arts & culture for students in Garden City and Nampa.

Writers in the Schools

The Cabin brings professional teaching-writers into Treasure Valley schools and juvenile detention centers.

Writers at Harriman 2019

37 students from throughout Idaho attend a one-week writing camp at Harriman State Park.

The Log Cabin: Writers in the Schools

Writers in the Schools (WITS) provides students, many of whom are at-risk and under-served, the chance to improve their reading and writing skills.

Creative Access Artists

Artist in Residence program provides arts education to students with special needs across Idaho in community centers and public schools.

Writers at Harriman 2018

Through workshops, conferencing, and hands-on activities, students engage in writing for personal growth and to understand the creative process.

Stay in School Quinceanera Program 2018

An in depth focus on Latino arts & culture workshops based on social issues pertinent to teens.

Loud Writers 2017-2018

The Big Tree Arts Loud Writers program brings visiting writers from around the country to Boise to teach workshops in alternative high schools as well as in_

Corrido Concert Project

The goal of the Corrido (Ballads) Concert 2017 Project was to promote knowledge and understanding among Latino youth and others about the contributions of the Latino community_

Creative Access

Throughout 2017-2018 Idaho Parents Unlimited’s Creative Access Artist in Residence program provided arts education curriculum for students across Idaho in community centers, special and general education classes._

Writers in the Schools

The Cabin is a Boise, Idaho literary arts organization. We forge community through the voices of all readers, writers, and learners. Now in our twenty-second year, The_

Writers in the Schools

Writers in the Schools (WITS) is an arts educational program run by The Cabin, a literary organization located in Boise, Idaho. During the 2017-2018 school year WITS_

Writing Workshop/Summer Camp

Writers at Harriman offers high school students with advanced skills in writing an opportunity to develop their talents in a setting away from distractions. The program makes_

Creative Access Artist in Residence

This year, our VSA Creative Access Artist-in-Residence program provided visual, literary, and performing arts education residencies to students statewide in community centers, and in both special and_

Education Initiatives

Writers @ Harriman (W@H) is a stimulating and safe week-long residential environment for high school students to explore their interests in imaginative writing. W@H addresses the need_

Latino Arts and Culture Workshops

For eight Saturdays in the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016, 30 Latino middle school students took part in this motivational and educational program, Stay-in-School Quinceanera Program that_

Writers in the Schools

The Cabin’s Writers in the Schools (WITS) program places professional writers—poets, playwrights, fiction writers, and nonfiction writers—in schools, juvenile detention centers, and community learning centers throughout the_

Loud Writers

The Big Tree Arts Loud Writers program brings four visiting writers to Boise to teach workshops to students enrolled in English courses at alternative high schools. Students_