Film maker Zach Voss of Retroscope Media was awarded a Quickproject for Individuals grant to complete a sound mix for VOLCANOES!, a documentary web series about the work of volcanology. He reports:

“Having completed a professional sound mix on the first episode of the VOLCANOES! web series, I now have the confidence to send the video into the real world. Firstly, I submitted the film to the Banff Mountain Film Festival, where it looks and sounds the best I could achieve for the competitive festival. But perhaps more importantly was a special screening I offered a group of 34 volcanologists from around the world while on a research field trip at Mt. St. Helens. Using a generator, I projected the film onto the side of a canvas tent at basecamp, using two wireless bluetooth speakers placed inside plastic buckets. The scrappy outdoor screening could have easily been a flop, but in part due to the sound mix, it was incredibly clear and impactful. One of the volcanologists said my films were the most accurate and interesting documentation of volcanology he’s ever seen in film.”