My Artrepreneur Program™ Application

The 2021 Artrepreneur™ course will take place in Twin Falls in partnership with The Magic Valley Arts Council.

Please note that the application must be completed in one session. Navigating away from the page will clear the form. Please review the application requirements, collect your materials, and enter them in one sitting.

Artrepreneur Application
examples: oil paint; leather and rawhide; book arts

Please upload three images of your work (JPEG format) that demonstrate the skill of an emerging or professional artist.

Maximum upload size: 5MB
Briefly describe your thoughts about this work or what it represents about your practice. (25 words)
Letter of Recommendation
Maximum upload size: 268.44MB
Please attach one letter of recommendation.

Statement of Commitment

My Artrepreneur Program (MAP) provides instruction for artists wanting to build a business by developing the 35 tools in the Artrepreneur's Toolbox. Doing so requires commitment to attend all classes, to complete a five-hour mentorship with another artist, to complete ten hours of volunteer work with an arts organization, and to develop the toolkit to the best of one's abilities. Artists wishing to attain final certification have one year following completion of the course to assemble a market-ready toolkit. Please confirm this commitment by verifying the statements below.


The ICA provides a $500 scholarship for 20 students. Applicants may elect to pay the full $1,000 tuition if they have the means and would like to donate their scholarship to another. Please indicate your preference.

Scholarship request