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Lit Loops, a pen pal writing project

A collaboration of the Idaho Commission on the Arts, the Idaho Writer in Residence and writers, like you, from Idaho and beyond.

There is a path through your garden that takes you to the gate shared with a neighbor; over the pickets you pass plump tomatoes, a jar of zinnias, and once, a giant zucchini that came back a day later as bread. There is a bridge you cross, right before the tree line, on your way to your grandparents’ cabin; you’ll take the canoe out in the morning, a lazy paddle downstream to your favorite fishing spot. This is the road you took to get to college, and this one led to your first job, or the route you took every day until you retired. 

How do we navigate the spaces in our lives? How do we travel from there to here and back again? Sometimes it’s via a path, a bridge, a stream or a road, and sometimes it’s through words and ideas. As part of the fourth annual IdaPost project, Idaho Writer in Residence Kerri Webster will lead us through an investigation of the pathways that connect us — physically, emotionally or abstractly — via the work of Idaho writers. 

Intrigued? Join us for IdaPost: Lit Loops, a pen pal writing project. Interested writers can sign up by answering a few questions on the form below. Registrants will be mailed the name and address of two other writers – forming your lit loop – as well as the first writing prompt from Kerri in November. Pals exchange their responses to the prompts via the method of communication they agree on. The initial prompt will be followed by three others, arriving via USPS. As part of your lit loop, you and your pals will give each other feedback, exchange ideas, and provide encouragement.

No writing experience is necessary; prompts will be appropriate all levels of experience. You do not have to be from Idaho, or live in Idaho, to participate. Participants must be 18+. There is no cost to join Lit Loops, however, writers must pay for any outgoing postage.

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In submitting this form I agree to let the Idaho Commission on the Arts share my name and mailing address with my assigned pen pals. Individual writers shall maintain all rights to work produced during this project.