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Wish You Were Here, a pen pal writing project

A collaboration of the Idaho Commission on the Arts, the Idaho Writer in Residence and writers, like you, from Idaho and beyond

CMarie Fuhrman stands in front of a stream in front of pine trees

CMarie Fuhrman

We have all, whether or not we’re aware of it, been conceiving of place in more ways, different ways, than we may have in the past. Our places have changed physically – is the bend in the river wider, did the road divide the farmstead, is there a new house being built directly in line of the view? Our places have changed due to people – one in four Idahoans is new to the state, the last resident has died and we declare “ghost town!”, refugees to our city introduce us to new foods, traditions new to our community. Places change over time – borders ebb and flow, boundaries merge or become demarcated, populations and politics influence how we use (or abuse) a place. Our definition of place can change, too – what makes a place a home, how long do you have to live somewhere to be “from” a place, is a Zoom room a place?  

As part of the third annual IdaPost project, Idaho Writer in Residence CMarie Fuhrman will lead us through investigating place through story – our place, this place, the place of the past and even of the future. How do you think about where you live? What are the elements that inform that idea, are they environmental, or physical or emotional? What does it mean to be from McCall or Camas County, or the Pahsimeroi Valley? Do you correct someone when they refer to Idaho as the “midwest” or, Iowa? Are you a westerner, and if so, how and why? You may even explore what it means to be an American, or a resident of the planet Earth. Participants will exchange these stories with a pen pal who is also part of the IdaPost project.  

Registrations are now closed. Follow along at this page for writing prompts and updates on IdaPost, Wish You Were Here.