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Idaho Commission on the Arts
Lisa Flowers Ross, Collage, (detail), 2021
Idaho Commission on the Arts
Karl Henke, Bridge, 2016
Idaho Commission on the Arts
Saddle by Dale Harwood
Idaho Commission on the Arts
Danial Hidalgo creates a monotype print, 2016

Letter from the director

The Idaho Commission on the Arts, a state agency under the Office of the Governor, enables access to the arts, arts education, and Idahoans’ cultural and artistic heritage. At the ICA we provide administrative and management services for Idaho’s not-for-profit arts organizations, helping to stabilize their operations so that they can reliably deliver their public programs in the arts. We provide grants supporting access to the arts and arts education, leveraging significant community commitments in support of their programs. We provide elementary educators with new skills to model the creative process in their classrooms, to engage their students in active learning—learning by making and creating. We convene Idaho’s masters of traditional arts and occupational trades, enabling our cultural traditions to thrive. And the capstone of all this is the fact that artful and culturally-rich towns are good for business. They attract and keep the brilliant people and businesses that grow Idaho’s prosperity. For 50 years the Idaho Commission on the Arts has celebrated Idaho’s artistic and cultural heritage. We encourage all Idahoans, and those visiting, to experience the wealth of arts experiences our communities have to offer. Idaho is a state of the arts – welcome, and enjoy.

~ Michael

Michael Faison — Executive Director
Steve Allred: Chair, Montpelier
Diana Livingston Friedley: Vice Chair, Pocatello
Marsha Bjornn: Rexburg
Sandy Fery: Boise
Kate Fornarotto: Pocatello
Miyai Abe Griggs: Idaho Falls
Blair Williams: Coeur d'Alene
At-Large Members
Alison Brush: Victor
Derek Dean: Hailey
Lynette Hale: Oakley
Jared Johnson: Twin Falls
Michael Faison

Executive Director

Stuart Weiser

Deputy Director / Accessibility Coordinator

Alison Espindola

Community Development Director

Steven Hatcher

Folk & Traditional Arts Director

John McMahon

Artist Services Director

Laura Roghaar

Arts Learning Services Director

Jocelyn Robertson

PIO / Literature Director

Jadee Carson

Grants Manager

Renae Heinsohn

Fiscal Specialist