What change did you initiate in your organization/community?

My project, Leaving an IMPRESSION, started when a 1910 C&P letterpress and an early 1900’s C&P pilot press, complete with an invested Print-master, landed on our gallery floor. I saw it as a seed which could grow a more relevant relationship between the Center, community, faculty and students while bridging gaps between disciplines.

Early 1900’s Chandler & Price Letterpress

What has been your greatest take away from the Change Leader program?

Connection to other Change Leaders has been my biggest take away. I have been influenced and inspired by the incredible people I have met through the program.

What aspect of the institute have you utilized the most?

Asking the question “What are their needs, wants, beliefs, and emotions?” has changed the way I approach people and situations on a daily basis. I am a more effective facilitator of change in all aspects of my life.

Art Under the Elms

How has this experience changed you?

I am becoming bold in the way that I dream, and brave in my approach to making those dreams a reality. I am empowered to “do,” knowing I am equipped with the right tools and support from my colleagues and mentors of the Change Leader Program.