What change did you initiate in your organization/community?

I worked in partnership with a variety of community members to create the CSI Spring Arts Experience.  The day-long “experience” included a visual art fair, hands-on arts projects, live music, concessions, a children’s art and music corner, a performance of Romeo and Juliet, a pre-show lecture and cocktail show, and drop-in dance classes.

CSI Spring Arts Experience

What has been your greatest take away from the Change Leader Institute?

The Change Leader Institute led me to take control of my current work and educational experiences, which resulted in lobbying for myself in my organization, which has led to a promotion and expanded job description. In addition, the self-examination led me to starting a master’s degree in Organization and Learning Performance, which studies the concepts taught at the Change Leader Institute – leadership, leading through change, communication, etc.

What aspect of the Institute have you utilized the most?

The title of the program says it all – Change Leader. The Change Leader Institute taught me I don’t need to be afraid of change. I felt better equipped to roll with any changes that are being made, to know the emotional processes going on within myself and others in my organization when those changes are taking place, and, in the end, to welcome change. It has also taught me to involve others who might be effected by any changes I’m implementing, and this has created a better group dynamic in my department.

How has this experience changed you?

The Change Leader program came at a time when I really needed it the most. I had been in deep stagnation in work, which bled over into my home life. I was bored and unhappy in my job and applying for work out of the arts. The Change Leader Program reminded me that I have strong leadership skills and that I still had a desire to grow professionally. Most importantly, it taught me to take responsibility for my own part in that unhappiness and to make a plan to correct this and advocate for myself. Things in my life have radically changed since the program, and while it’s not responsible for all of those changes, the Change Leader was the catalyst in flipping the script.

l-r: Shane Brown, Camille Barigar, Michelle Coleman