Change Leader Program

The Change Leader Institute is a professional development course that addresses leadership issues in relation to leading change. Our goals are to better equip arts, museums, and cultural leaders to deal with environmental and organizational change and to create a statewide support network for Idaho’s cultural community.

Arts Idaho maintains a list of people interested in the program and will reach out to this list when applications open for the upcoming Institute. 12 people will be chosen from the applicants.

If you have questions about the program, please reach out to Alison Espindola at

Change Leader Institute

Day One

Group Development
Mindful Listening
Ground Rules
The Nature of Power
Personal Leadership
Understanding Change

Day Two

Obtaining Commitment
Resistance & Transition
Negotiation Styles
Implementation of Changes
Facilitation Skills

Day Three

Group Activity
Presentation & Analysis
Certification Project Guidelines


Certification Project
Conference Presentation

About the Institute:

Any Idaho-based administrator, volunteer, board member, educator, or artist of a cultural, arts, or civic organization (that has an arts/cultural component such as parks and recreation, tourism, and libraries.) Our goal is to serve both rural and urban areas, and organizations of all sizes. This creates a diverse networking and mentoring group which will enhance the training benefits. This program is a certificate program and will be recognized as such by Arts Idaho and the nonprofit community in Idaho.

Each group is limited to 12 participants because of the action learning elements.
Institutes are held once a year, usually in the spring. Please check our website for exact dates and locations.
The Change Leader curriculum is taught during the three-day Institute. The intensive training involves many activities that extend into the evenings. After the Institute, participants are asked to complete a certification project within a year of the Institute and present at a Change Leader conference.
Funding from Arts Idaho covers a significant portion of the Institute. Arts Idaho considers this an investment in arts, museums, and cultural leaders who continue to build community and participate in the broader Change Leader network. A small fee is required and is an important expression of your commitment to the program, and your organization’s support of your participation. Fees range from $100-$400 depending on organization size. Besides your participation fee, your only other cost is transportation to the Institute. Lodging, meals, and materials are provided.

Change Leader Program Application
If you are an independent artist, indicate so here.