Change Leader Program

Change Leader Program

The Change Leader program is designed to help arts and cultural leaders deal with environmental and organizational change and to create a statewide mentoring network in the arts and cultural community. It has several components:

The Change Leader Institute

Once a year, the ICA offers a three-day professional development program designed especially for arts administrators. Attendance is by invitation and 12 participants are cultivated from all regions of Idaho.  Applications for participation are available by contacting the ICA staff. The goal of the program is to both better equip arts and cultural leaders to deal with environmental and organizational change, but also to create a statewide mentoring network in the arts and cultural community.

Change Leader Certification

Participants of the Change Leader Institute go on to certify in the program by using portions of the curriculum to develop an arts project in their own community, or by leading a change within an arts organization.  Approximately nine months later all participants are brought back together to present on the changes they have led.

Leadership Circles

Regional gatherings for change leader participants to continue social networking and to communicate updates on state and national arts issues.

Change Leader Conferencea group of people smiling and waving to the camera

Usually held in conjunction with the Change Leader Certification Ceremony, all former change leader participants are invited to attend professional development workshops featuring state and national leaders in the arts.

Change Leader Facebook Page

Opportunity is provided for participation in a social networking site in order for participants to remain connected and to provide a platform for members to post information about upcoming arts events around the state.


  • Develop leadership and professionalism in the arts community
  • Provide in-depth arts administrative training
  • Prepare cultural leaders to recognize and be a catalyst for needed change in their organization and community
  • Create a support and mentoring network
  • Establish a committed training delivery system
  • Develop a creative leadership infrastructure in the state and across borders.

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