Fellowships 2025

There has been much worth letting go of in recent years, yet I still feel an atmospheric pull to try and tie the air back together, to weave something grounding where I am. Consumed by various distractions, disappointments, and environmental consequences, through my work, I react to the weight of distance and a lost sense of home. Collisions of textures and materiality put viewers at odds with the familiar and evoke tactile memory, inviting them to confront distance, restraint, and the claims they stake between each other. With each crafted connection, I attempt to hold space for desired reconnections.

Direction of Work

Recently, I’ve been building momentum exhibiting works shared in this portfolio. These works and others in play in my studio will be danced into a solo show [re]siding (Pasco, WA) this spring and in a three person show (Terrain Gallery, Spokane, WA) in July. I share these as promising starting trajectories, as I am actively seeking other connections to exhibit regionally and nationally in the period of this fellowship.

My goals for 2024 & 2025 are to continue exploring mixed-media tensions in more expansive multipart wall works like Edged Means (Threshold) and to build out multi-part installation works from concepts in Porch Song and Gold Star for Trying. I’m also working to balance a more sustainable practice. I am sourcing second-hand fibers, scrap, and reusable sculptural material (the nature of these materials, with their imprinted histories, strengthens and amplifies the suggested narratives in my work) while also purchasing more light-weight steel, lumber, foam, and hardware that can make my work more modular and leave less of a carbon footprint in transit.

In addition to extending the reach of my physical work, I am also working with the Environmental Humanities based Confluence Lab to further an inaugural Arts-In-Fire Residency we started in 2023. Collaborating with fellow artists in the lab, building an online exhibition Stories of Fire series and being inspired by the network of artist we will be supporting, I foresee (and welcome!) concepts in my work shifting from sensations of a “safe” living room or porch to a more in-depth consideration of the impacts of wildfire in our region.

Through my continued tango with mixed-media and creative exchange between people, I will be exploring the strange beauty and poetic weight embodied in the sensations of loss and awe aiming to discover the boundaries of what physical form can empower. In studio practice and community driven collaborative work, I seek to highlight how artistic mediums can speak to affective change and resilience. I wish to provoke discussions about the spaces we occupy, a unique sense of [re]settling, and perhaps a renewed awareness of mending in our ever-changing environment.