Fellowships 2016

I have made dances for as long as I can remember. When I was very young, it was the one activity in which I could express the feelings bottled up in my excruciatingly shy self. As I grew older, this desire to move was translated into the pursuit of a career as a professional dancer.

Now, as a choreographer, I strive to create work that is engaging, challenging and authentic. I am interested in making dances about people, their relationships and what unites us as human beings. I feel privileged to be able, through dance making, to express a collective consciousness. I’m not driven to put something onstage and present it to an audience. The amount of time that dancers spend onstage is small when compared to the time we spend in the studio. I am most interested in the process of creation and how, with the help of fellow artists, we can get at something that is cathartic and transcendent.

Creating is a vulnerable practice and it requires trust from all collaborators (dancers, choreographers, musicians, composers, etc.). In order to be able to generate meaningful work, I believe that we must take risks and feel compelled to stay within that area of discomfort. Getting to that place of intimacy is what excites me about being a dance maker. Our feelings of pain, despair, happiness, love, self-doubt or anger are universal, and are seamlessly translated through the body. I am humbled to be able to move people through my art.