Fellowships 2024

For the past three years, my artistic work has been centered around creating space for those of us who are not often seen as a part of the classical music world. To make this a reality I have spent time creating easily accessible materials that work to bridge the divide between academia and the world. I did this because I believe that one doesn’t have to be a part of elite spaces to have full access to information.

To do this, I created a podcast, Classical Queens. The work I do is centered around educating about the lives and work of BIPOC people in classical music. Since the creation of this space, I have worked to continue to reach out and teach in new ways. I have created live podcast events, through the College of Western Idaho’s Visiting Artists series, and alongside community orchestra, Serenata. Through these events I have been able to premier works that have never been performed in Idaho and pull in the community to show everyone how far-reaching classical music can be through diverse hands.

Through the aid of the Idaho Arts Commission, I would like to create classroom tools for music teachers, so they have supplemental materials that allow students with visual representations of diversity related to race and gender. I polled many of the music teachers in the Boise school district, and one of their asks was for posters that show students daily that they are represented in the space. I would like to heed their request. With the grant through Idaho Arts Commission, I would like to create physical representations of my podcast episodes. Each poster containing a portrait of a BIPOC artist, with musical facts about the artist, and an empowering quote by the person themselves. My hope is that every day, each student knows they are seen in the musical world. No matter who they are, or what they look like, there is space for us all.