Fellowships 2021

Utilizing sculptural strategies, a strong dedication to craft and work ethic, humor, and popular culture, I maintain a hybrid practice that explores sculpture, craft, and moving image. As an advocate for gay rights, equality, and myself, I create sociopolitical works that question our relationship to gender roles/stereotypes, sexuality, and the built environment. Each of these works begins with a question to society and to myself. I create works that explore the ambiguity of materials, scale, and color, and employ repetition as a form of meditation. I am interested in material limitations, the gendering of materials and processes, and the debunking of craft vs. fine art. I use video as a method of recording intimate performance, my process as a maker of objects, and objects in motion.

Currently I am developing a new body of work that will result in a performance of sculptural objects, that will be performed and documented via video and photography, that will utilize the Russian Nesting Doll as a metaphor to explore gender and identity. These objects will be an exploration of merging the various modes of making currently present in my research: textiles, ceramics, sculpture, and performance.