Fellowships 2025

‘Preaching in a Desert’, a Biblical quote a mentor would respond with when I explained what it was like to be a Flamenco in Idaho. Harsh as it was, she wasn’t wrong. Flamenco is a niche art form, that my personal journey drew me to. Even in the larger American cities numbers of Flamenco communities is monsoon or drought. Had it not been so personal would I be where I am today practicing and performing Flamenco in what my mentor described as a ‘desert’ for my craft? Hang around in a desert long enough, one witnesses life in abundance- blooming flowers, green in shades never imagined, water, and wildlife… If telling my story and providing support as a guide, I could make it possible for others to pursue their passions and create meaningful work. My role in at the Morrison Center has allowed me to reach a wider audience. My career as a Flamenco dancer has provided me the experience to become a guiding force for creatives in my community.

The era of ‘Convivencia’ in Spain is believed to be a time when different cultures and religions coexisted in harmony. While it is unclear if this era truly existed, it is known that those who were marginalized and cast out of society found solace in wandering the forests and sharing stories around the campfire. It was here that Flamenco was born. The value of shared living is still an essential part of Flamenco today. My mentor emphasized this value by sharing her ancestral heritage and songs with me, stating “I will share this with you. It is yours too now.” I have learned that my role as an artist is not just to teach dance steps rather, it is to use the lessons, I have learned while on my journey to mentor and help others find their own sense of Convivencia and build connections within their own communities.