Fellowships 2022

Over the past 13 years, I dedicated my body to the performing and circus arts realm. Whether I am tumbling, dancing, spinning, or cheering, I find that I am at my happiest and best self when creating. My artistic outlook is a byproduct of the different disciplines I studied and people I met along the way. As a former cheerleader, I used my acrobatics skills to entertain and make people smile. This supportive community built the foundation I needed to thrive in the circus arts. Once I stepped into the circus world 7 years ago, my artistic perspective began to meaningfully evolve into what it is today – and it still grows.

Upon becoming an aerialist and duo partner, my artistic works began taking on new forms. I was no longer within a team setting, and I learned the value of what it means to be on the stage; the power I had to tell stories with my body and apparatus alone. This discovery made space for performative numbers that could be fun and campy. It also provided me with a means to produce an act that stirred specific emotions and complex feelings, creating – what I hope – to be a more lasting impact on the audience. It became clear to me that I belonged in this space and would continue to thrive if I made art that was true to me. I am a queer, black artist of color with a story to share.

The performing arts provide me the means to share parts of me and my story I could not otherwise. They allow me to tap into emotions and concepts that are hard to express in words. They break down walls and make communication possible, and to showcase our uniqueness, vulnerability, and talent. I do my best to create and produce art that speaks to people on varying levels. I perform to change the black narrative and to inspire other artists of color. I teach to share the joy, strength, and wholesomeness that comes from art. I strive to alter how the audience connects with artists. I am committed to incorporating as many disciplines as I can to produce works that are for everyone. Each project I curate or join promotes the performing arts and creative education. In this artistic pursuit, I strive to change the largely mainstream black narrative of mere strife and struggle; to show that there is joy, happiness, diversity, and vulnerability in melanin. I have always been a voracious learner, perpetually searching for ways to grow as an artist, an educator, and a human.