Fellowships 2018

Honorable Mention

I have been a mosaic artist since 2003, drawn to the medium for its long history, its inclusion in everyday life in the form of walls, floors and narrative panels, and its immediate and tangible nature.

I have worked in glass, tile and Italian smalti. Glass is my preferred medium and the medium I’ve chosen for my public pieces in the city. I am currently at work on a large-scale outdoor mosaic for the MK Nature Center in Boise. The piece, funded by the Friends of the MK Nature Center and the City of Boise, will include several panels on outdoor walls near a stream viewing area. The design will represent the parts of a healthy river ecosystem including fish and birds, plants and trees. This piece will be installed in June, 2017. It is my largest solo piece to date and my fifth in the city.

In addition to my large public pieces, I work on a smaller scale, with glass mosaics on wood. My imagery, as shown in the pieces I’ve submitted, tends toward the botanical, the geometric and the grid format.

I love to experiment with vibrant color and iridescence, but also am a lover of monotone, exploring, for example, the many nuances and shades of white.

I am a strong advocate for my art form. For the past two years, I have taught mosaic in the city art program. My classes have been among the most popular in the program.