Fellowships 2024

My creative practice is defined by fearless experimentation in order to best translate my ideas. I begin with thoughts and questions that come to me by way of personal experience. Photography, video, performance, installation,  clay, textiles, printmaking, and glass, all have a presence in my portfolio. My  work is a reflection of my life. I am inspired by the surrounding landscape,  political and social issues, fairy tales, art history, and architecture. I also  receive a great deal of inspiration from my former teachers and collaborators.  In addition to formal research, I also rely on my intuition while working through both formal and conceptual decisions.

My current work presents the dark realities facing the natural world. The  challenge lies in presenting, for example, the changing landscape and  threatened animal species in a way that is intriguing, lovely to look at and  spend time with, yet holds recognizable sadness that creates thought,  conversation, and compassion. I am interested in relationships that present  tension: seductive, beautiful, dream-like subjects where the reality of the  object or idea at hand is devastating, even ugly.

My life as an artist is about questioning our world from a female perspective and embracing the challenge that comes with pushing and developing one’s work. Every new idea is an opportunity for both artistic and personal growth. My intention is to make this world a better and more thoughtful place.