I have a degree in theater and taught and directed high school drama for a number of years until burn out hit. I have always had an interest in writing, poetry and books. Because of this interest, I took a number of poetry, writing and eventually book arts classes at BSU. It was at BSU that the papermaking became my passion. In one of the classes the instructor gave a very short demonstration on papermaking. In this book arts class one of the requirements was to make an artist book for the class. I had no idea of what I was going to do until the instructors last words as I left class were that “you can make paper from anything that has cellulose.” This was the epiphany for a 20 years plus adventure with paper.

Special populations I work with:
I have taught and demonstrated to all grades of public, private and charter schools. I have taught and demonstrated many adult classes such as the woman’s prison, ELADA, Food Bank, Museum Comes to Life, Boise Art Museum and Botanical Garden.