Quilter. Teaching Artist. Author. Designer. Quilt shop owner. Long-arm quilter. I am all of these rolled into one. I use fabric and thread to create quilts and wallhangings of many styles. Since I love to experiment with new designs, materials, techniques, and color, my art is constantly evolving. I believe that you never know everything about any subject, including art, which leads me to take classes myself from teachers of other art forms. The best from each class is wrapped into my artwork and teaching style, which helps me improve as a person and artist. I teach projects and techniques, from a fabric mosaic technique all the way to designing and completing your own king-size quilt. My passion is quilting, and sharing that passion with others brings happiness to my soul.

Special Populations I work with:
I work with students of all ages, from the adults I teach in my own classroom (from their twenties up into their seventies), to children in elementary schools. My favorite students are those who are excited about art and ready to learn. They soak up everything I teach like a sponge in water! I love working with elementary students especially, and have a patience and calm that gently brings out the aspiring artist in each. That said, I have seen success in art projects with all students, regardless of their age or disability or restriction.