Born in Idaho, raised in Ontario, Manitoba, & Maryland, educated in Utah, Hawaii & Idaho, Teresa sprinkles her life experiences over everything she tells. Teresa is a national award-winning storyteller and Teaching Artist. A published author, Teresa, is best known for her original works and recollections of life’s experiences blended with history. Of her it has been said, “…her performances are filled with a compelling sense of wonder and an irresistible zest for life.” Teresa has performed at events coast to coast and border to border – including the prestigious “Exchange Place” of the National Storytelling Festival and is a National Storytelling Network (NSN) “Oracle” award recipient. She also served for many years on the Board of NSN. Teresa fears our overextended techno-planet lifestyle has led to a numbing of hearts. She tells in the hope she may help people reconnect with themselves, others, their hopes, their dreams, and the world around them.

Special Populations worked with:
K-12, College, At-risk Youth, Women, Seniors, and Care-givers