I’m a self-taught, full time freelance photographer specializing in commercial, editorial, and fine art. I also teach photography and lead workshops through my business, Blue Planet Photography. I’ve photographed and have been engaged in art (painting, music, writing) since I was young, although I have a B.S. in wildlife biology and attended BSU for a M.S. in raptor biology. I worked for the USFWS, USFS, private environmental consulting, and the Denver Museum of Natural History prior to changing careers to photography. I enjoy exploring the complex and intimate relationships, conflicts, and symbiosis of the environment with itself and with humans through digital photography, historical photographic processes like cyanotype, and writing. The photographs I make are interpretations, conversations, interactions with the world around me, though the conversation is not always specific. My recent work involves the exploration of sensory perception and the influence our senses and perceptions have on making art and forming our personality. I teach to inspire others to use the entire body and mind to make art and photographs, not just the eyes and index finger, and really enjoy the “lightbulb” moments and transformation students go through when learning and exploring.

Special Populations I work with:
I enjoy working with all age ranges and have taught students from 1st grade to senior citizen. I’m interested in working with at-risk youth, also.