I’m a writer who works with students on both individual and collaborative writing projects of all types: fiction, nonfiction, playwriting, and poetry. I teach in ways that are engaging and playful, with the goal of students thinking of themselves as writers and writing meaningful, powerful, well-crafted pieces. Along the way, I strive to build an inclusive classroom community in which every student feels valued and encouraged to do their best work. I love seeing students’ growing excitement and eagerness to share their writing, along with their quiet focus as they become absorbed in worlds of their own creation. A published author, I’ve received several writing awards, including an Idaho Literature Fellowship and the PEN Northwest Fellowship, a six-month writing residency in a remote wilderness cabin. A teaching artist since 2005, I have an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Washington, and I’m a graduate of the year-long Teaching Artists Training Lab.

Special populations I work with:
I’ve led writing activities with groups ranging from preschoolers to senior citizens, and in a variety of settings besides schools. I enjoy doing projects with people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities/disabilities, and have worked with youth in residential treatment, on Outward Bound courses, at an alternative high school, and on the Coeur d’Alene reservation. I welcome opportunities to work with at-risk youth, members of all cultures/ethnicities/races, and underserved populations.