I grew up on a ranch in Midvale, Idaho and still live on an acreage (30 acres) in Emmett, Idaho with cattle, horses, and my border collie all of which lends itself to my medium which is leather and rawhide. I also incorporate pencil and acrylic paints or whatever lends itself to help me accomplish what I see in my mind.  I continue to improve my skills and stay fresh by attending gatherings of leather carvers and rawhide braiders where this art is pushed to new levels.  I have worked with some of the top craftsmen not only in the United States but from around the world.  It is not the simple craft that it used to be.  It is “Art”.  I love to share this lifestyle and art form wherever I am invited.  It is extremely rewarding  to see young students realize that leather is both a beautiful and functional art, to realize they can create art and have fun at the same time, to understand a 3 dimensional art concept, or maybe even embrace the cowboy culture and ask to ride a horse for their birthday!

Special Populations I work with:
I have worked in schools that have a high population of Hispanic students. Actually, this was very interesting to the students because a lot of our words in this art form have origins from Mexico and the Spanish people.  Unfortunately, I don’t speak Spanish.  Mostly, I have worked with 4th graders because they study Idaho history and this art fits well.  It is harder for students younger than 4th graders to be successful because of the strength and fine motor skills required.  I have worked with junior high students and this medium would definitely fit high school students as well.